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YMCKO 5 panel colour ribbon 200 cards

R3011 full panels colour ribbon for Evolis printers

6 panel YMCKOK ribbon 200 cards

Evolis color ribbon for double-sided ID cards printing

Black ribbon for personalisation

Evolis black ribbon to personalise ID cards with black texts and barcodes

Monochrome ribbons

Evolis monochrome ribbons to print one colour per print

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Evolis ribbons

Evolis ribbons

1/2 YMCKO half-panel colour ribbon 400 cards

Great savings with the Evolis half-panel colour printing ribbon

Reduce your cost per card by 42%!

Buy the Half-Panel Colour Ribbon!
Small budget? ID card business? The Half-Panel Colour Ribbon (YMCKO) is the perfect so0lution for you.
- Evolis half-panel colour ribbon, also called 1/2 YMCKO, is a very peculiar ribbon: its three basic colour panel (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) are just half the length of a standard card. Which means they are able to print a colour image on one half of the card: the left half or the right half.
- Black and overlay panels are full size panels, which makes it possible to add personalised texts and barcodes on the entire plastic card. The overlay will also cover the whole card for perfect protection and finish.
- You will get fantastic cost savings when using printed cards that you will personalise with photos using your Evolis printer. Applications are: member cards, student cards, access control ID cards, etc.

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