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YMCKO 5 panel colour ribbon 200 cards

R3011 full panels colour ribbon for Evolis printers

1/2 YMCKO half-panel colour ribbon 400 cards

Great savings with the Evolis half-panel colour printing ribbon

6 panel YMCKOK ribbon 200 cards

Evolis color ribbon for double-sided ID cards printing

Black ribbon for personalisation

Evolis black ribbon to personalise ID cards with black texts and barcodes

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Evolis ribbons

Evolis ribbons

Monochrome ribbons

Evolis monochrome ribbons to print one colour per print

Monochrome ribbons allow you to print one colour per card introduction in the printer. You may print two colours on the same card, just introducing the card twice and changing the ribbon in between

Monocolour ribbons

We offer the following colours for our range of Evolis printers:
- Blue
- Red
- Green
- White
Capacity of these ribbons: Tattoo: 600 cards. Pebble3, Dualys, Quantum and Kiosk: 1000 cards.

Gold and silver ribbons

Especially formulated to personalise VIP cards, these ribbons offers a fantastic metallic look.
Capacity: Tattoo: 500 cards. Pebble3, Dualys, Quantum and Kiosk: 1000 cards.

Scratch-off ribbon

The scratch-off ribbon is a very thick ribbon used to cover a previously printed card (with a standard black or colour ribbon) which generally has a code or PIN number on it. The scratch-off ribbon will perfectly cover the area of the printed number and then can be scratched by the customer to make the code apparent.
Capacity of the Evolis Scratch ribbon: Tattoo printer: 500 cards. Pebble3, Dualys, Quantum and Kiosk printers: 1000 cards.

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