Security key cabinets

The Alkey KMS range of security key cabinets feature very high quality rugged cabinets with state of the art intelligence for user control and monitoring.
Each key cabinet has a large integrated touch screen for a simple operation interface.
Each key bunch has a RFID tag, so the cabinet door can be automatically opened to return the keys. The Alkey software is multi-user and multi-site to provide a thorough security solution for even the most complex applications.

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Security key cabinets

  • Benefits of key cabinets

    A key management solution covers all your needs

  • Key cabinets range

    Intelligent electronic keys cabinets for efficient and secure management of keys

    Our key cabinets secure the management of all keys inside your company, as well as track how they are used, user by user and key by key, thanks to the patented RFID keyrings. One user may retrieve the key he is (...) ( Continue Reading…)