Badge accessories

As a complement to our global offer in the card reading and printing field, A3M offers a wide range of card accessories aimed at making ID cards easier to use in our everyday life: badge holders, clips and lanyards, necklaces, reels, yo-yos, etc...

The bracelets of our own production stand out from the rest of our offer.

Wristbands can be used for personal identification during an event of short duration. Although they do not offer additional prestige to the event, its main advantage is that the person does not have to carry around a plastic card, with the risk of losing it. There are models that cannot be removed without being permanently damaged, which means that once placed, it identifies the person wearing it with absolute certainty.

- Bracelets are an immediate personal recognition system. They can be personalised with colour, text, logos and barcodes. They attach perfectly to the wrist, and the risk of loss is almost nonexistent, since they are very tear resistant.

- There are bracelets made of different materials: vinyl, polyester, plastic, cloth, Tyvek...

- On the following pages you can view examples of the most common models, but do not hesitate to contact our commercial team; our specialists can guide you and help you choose the best model for your needs.

Identification bracelet uses

- Amusement and aquatic parks

- Fairs and festivals

- Recreational areas and parks

- Schools and Universities

- Bars, nightclubs, pubs and discotheques

- Concerts, exhibitions and pavilions

- Race tracks and sports events

- Hotels, motels and tourist centres

- Campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks

- Summer camps, fieldtrips and expeditions

- Promotional industry

- Ice and skating rinks

- Museums and zoos

- Carnivals

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  • Badge clips

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  • Identification wristbands

    Security and automatic identification wristbands

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  • VIP Band wristbands

    Reflective wristbands for promotional operations and visual security