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Evolis MIFARE card coupler

Which MIFARE Ⓡ contactless card couplers do Evolis printers support?

Evolis printers sensors adjustment

How to synchronise all sensors of an Evolis card printer

Magnetic Encoding

How to read and write magnetic cards using an Evolis printer

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Frequently asked questions

Changing a Nisca Ribbon

How to change the printing ribbon for Nisca PR5300 / 5350 / 53LE

To replace the Nisca printing ribbon, take the following steps - valid for these Nisca models: PR5200, PR5300, PR5310, PR5350.

- Switch on your Nisca printer and wait for complete initialisation.
- Push the “Ribbon Change / Menu” button. The LCD screen will show a message telling you the printer is ready for ribbon change.
- Open the printer door. Push the green lever upwards so that you can take the black ribbon cartridge out of the printer.
- Remove the black cartridge from the printer, pulling it forward with a horizontal movement, and without applying any force.
- Change the ribbon and replace the cartridge in the Nisca printer. The cartridge should enter smoothly without needing to apply any force. Please take care of your alignment.
- Push the green lever downwards and close the door.
- Push the Clear button and the Nisca printer is ready to print your ID cards!

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