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Evolis opens up to Linux

Evolis, the French manufacturer of solutions for plastic card customization, today announced the release of a Linux driver for its entire range of printers, thus making them available, affordable and suitable to a larger scope of users.

- Linux has been gaining momentum over the past years and its strong appeal among professionals was key in convincing the Research & Development of Evolis to come out with a new printer driver that supports all versions of Linux.
- Evolis steps into the Linux community by offering Linux-based solutions for plastic cards customization (smart cards, with and without contact). This printer driver is available for the entire range of the Evolis printers: Tattoo, Pebble, Dualys, Quantum.
- The Linux driver aims at large scale deployments and sets new levels of quality and interoperability for system integrators.
- Existing users include the RATP - the City of Paris public transport system - which chose the Evolis printers for customizing their Navigo pass in a Linux environment. Today, more than 1.5 million of Parisians use the Navigo pass on a daily basis.

Simple and Free Implementation

Evolis embraces the Linux giveaway policy and the driver can therefore be downloaded free of charge on this website, on each Evolis printer’s page.

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