ID card printers

Smart and contactless encoding for Nisca C101

A3M responds to the growing market demand developping a read and write module for the Nisca C101 card printer.
Available as of november 2009, the module allows:
- MIFARE Standard and MIFARE DESFire contactless reading and writing, as well as all ISO 14443 A and B compliant cards.
- Smart cards ( contact chip cards ) reading and writing.

High versatility

Based on the renowned Omnikey 5321 encoder, adapted to perfectly fit the printer, the encoding module can be mounted on any Nisca C101 in just a few minutes ( basically two screws to take off and replace ). This job can be done on a new printer as well as on a used one. Thanks to that system, the delivery times get really shorter and maintenance operations are far easier.
The shots below show the encoder module with its USB connector to the PC, which is the one used to send the data to the card’s smart or Mifare chip. The printer’s USB connector is still used to send the print jobs as well as card positionning commands. A3M supplies the corresponding SDK free of charge when buying the printer.

JPEG - 26.2 kb
Nisca C101 encoder for MIFARE and smart cards

JPEG - 24.2 kb
Nisca C101 USB connector of the encoder for Mifare and smart cards

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