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Evolis Tattoo 2

The thermal transfer card printer

Evolis Tattoo2 Rewrite

Monochrome printer for ID cards

Evolis Zenius

The standard version of the Evolis colour printers

Evolis Pebble 4

Single sided colour ID card printer

Evolis Dualys 3

Double sided colour ID card printer

Evolis Quantum

Industrial systems for ID cards personalisation, high volume production

Evolis Securion

High technology with high security

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Evolis Card Printer

Evolis Card Printer

Evolis Kiosk

Integrated id cards printing system for kiosk instant card delivery

Kiosk is a system designed for easy integration into automatic card dispensers and kiosks. It incorporates a plastic card printing unit as well as various encoding capabilities.

Evolis Kiosk is an industrial system with an autonomy of 1000 cards.

- Evolis Kiosk may be customised to meet customer requirements. Please contact our sales team to study the adaptation of Evolis Kiosk to your project.

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