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Rio 2e Card Printer

Professional printer for security cards

Magicard HoloKote

Watermark system for securing cards

Magicard Holograms

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XXL Card Printer

Printer for large cards, ideal for events

The XXL is designed for personalising pre-printed ID cards with a large format. Includes an option for an intelligent card encoder. Also includes the anti-copy patented Holokote hologram that does not generate additional costs, giving added security.

Magicard XXL Card Printer for large cards

The Magicard XXL is a very special ID cards printer: it has been developed to print oversized PVC cards for applications where reading the printer ID elements from is distance is a must.

- Flexibility for large sized cards. Two available sizes: 124.8 x 87.8 mm and 140 x 87.8 mm
- Personalisable area: 86 x 54mm
- Holokote – The anti-copy patented hologram for high security
- USB and Ethernet
- Colour LCD screen, select menus using the button
- Optional encoder for intelligent proximity cards
- UltraCoverPlus 3 year warranty, includes substitution of printheads and even a substitute printer.

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