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EM 125kHz mini desktop reader

Desktop reader with keyboard wedge connection to read card instantly

125Khz access control door reader

Door reader designed for access control system based on 125Khz EM cards

EM 125kHz access control door reader with keyboard

Door reader with keyboard for access control solutions based on 125Khz EM cards

Dual MIFARE and 125Khz reader

Dual technology reader for access control solutions with both EM125Khz and MIFARE Ⓡ cards

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125Khz access control readers

125Khz access control readers

EM 125kHz Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

Access control and time and attendance terminal for use with EM125Khz cards

A3M LGP8600 is a wall mount terminal designed for access control and time and attendance solutions. Its keyboard and LCD screen make it the ideal choice for high security access control, as well as for stand-alone applications in which an administrator may need to give access rights to some cards directly on the terminal, or change access control PIN codes, etc...

- Time and attendance and access control function.
- 20 settings timing for siren which could be activated according to timetable status.
- Changeable 6 shift operation mode&16 shift selection.
- Provides self-test code to detect during system failure.
- Data can be kept up to 10 years while power failure.
- Time mark: crystal-controlled, integrated real time clock.
- Invalid card alarm.
- Build-in battery to ensure operation during power failure.

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