Magnetic ID card encoders

Our magnetic card encoders come with a serial RS232 interface.
- An easy-to-use software comes free with each unit and helps the user with data reading and encoding. We can supply all necessary elements for programming and integrating these units into any application.
- They are swipe readers; you need to manually swipe the card into the readers to transfer data.

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Magnetic ID card encoders

  • Uniform MSR 106

    Manual swipe reader/writer for LoCo ID cards

    Uniform MSR 106 is an easy-to-use and very affordable unit for data reading and writing into magnetic low coercitivity cards. ( Continue Reading…)

  • Uniform MSR 206

    Manual swipe reader/writer for HiCo and LoCo ID cards

    Uniform MSR206 is the ideal reader/writer for any kind of magnetic cards, both HiCo and LoCo. ( Continue Reading…)