Smart card readers

This section presents our offer for smart card contact readers. Used for banking operations, access control, customer loyalty, etc., these readers can read and write information on to the card chip.
- Smart card readers are insertion readers, since it is always necessary to establish a physical contact between the contact zone of the card and the reader.
- For all uses where it is not appropriate to have to insert the card to establish communication, we recommend the use of contactless RFID cards and readers. See contactless readers page.

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Smart card readers

  • Gemplus GemPC Twin desktop smart card reader

    Beautifully designed and engineered smart card desktop reader from Gemplus

    Combined USB and Serial smart card reader in a fully transparent crystal package will enhance the personalisation of your smart card and simplify the deployment of your smart card (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • ID-Tech Spectrum 2 insert card readers

    Intelligent OEM Module for Magnetic Stripe and/or Smart Cards, RS-232, USB and PC/SC Interface.

    Spectrum is available with various configurations: Insert contact smart card reader. Insert magnetic stripe card reader. Insert smart + magnetic card reader. ( Continue Reading…)