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MIFARE module with integrated antenna

OEM module for integration

MIFARE read/write module with separate antenna

OEM module for integration

Smart and MIFARE USB Reader

Compact and economical reader that uses Smart contact and contactless interfaces for desktop applications

Desktop MIFARE reader-writer

LGM6xxx: 13.56MHz MIFARE Ⓡ contactless cards reader-writer

Fingerprint/MIFARE desktop reader

Desktop MIFARE Ⓡ Smart card Read/Write Reader 13.56MHz frequency

Access Control Door Reader

13.56Mhz MIFARE Ⓡ contactless plastic cards reader writer

Access control door reader with keypad

13.56Mhz MIFARE Ⓡ contactless plastic cards reader writer with keypad for PIN code security

125KHz and MIFARE dual frequency Reader

Dual Proximity + MIFARE Ⓡ reader for access control

MIFARE reader with LCD and keypad

Small footprint and high capacity for access control

Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

13.56Mhz MIFARE Ⓡ contactless cards terminal with keypad and LCD screen

Anti-vandal MIFARE readers

High resistance readers with or without keypad

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MIFARE reader writer

MIFARE reader writer

LM10U MIFARE USB reader with keyboard wedge emulation

An esay to use reader that reads the UID of a MIFARE Ⓡ ID card without the need to program

LM10U makes MIFARE Ⓡ badges reading more easy. It just connects to a USB port and send the data read with keyboard emulation: as soon as a MIFARE Ⓡ card enters its communication field, it transmits the chip serial number to the computer which will show it where the mouse cursor is located, whatever the software you are using at that moment.


The LM10U reads the serial number of any MIFARE Ⓡ 1K, MIFARE Ⓡ 4K and compatible chips. It uses a standard USB connection and there is no need to install any driver for most recent Windows versions. LM10U MIFARE Ⓡ USB reader

Mifare with keyboard emulation

Its main advantage against the competition is that the UID reading shows directly on the screen, where the cursor of your mouse is located. This means that the LM10U can read the MIFARE Ⓡ USN in any application, including those that were not originally developped to use a contactless badge reader. MIFARE Ⓡ with keyboard emulation

Compact and economical MIFARE Ⓡ reader

LM10U is a nice and modern looking reader that does not need a lot of space on your desktop. It is really economical and brings an effective solution to usual reading problems of MIFARE Ⓡ cards: the cost of the readers and the need to program to integrate them in any application. Economical MIFARE Ⓡ reader

Market sectors for LM10U MIFARE Ⓡ reader

LM10U is the ideal reader in a company access control to enroll ID badges in the system. It can be used for the control of entries and exits in companies, sports clubs, libraries etc... It is very successful as well in shops to read customer loyalty cards. USB MIFARE Ⓡ reader

Very simple installation

A computer with Windows operating system is required. From Windows Vista, its installation does not require any driver: just connect the USB cable and wait a few seconds, it is ready to use. You just cannot make it more easy. MIFARE Ⓡ reading format

Mifare reading format

LM10U is available in various reading formats of the MIFARE Ⓡ USN ( MIFARE Ⓡ UID ). Please specify the format you need with your order. The most common formats are: 8 characters HEX MSB, 8 characters HEX LSB, 10 characters DEC MSB, 10 characters DEC LSB.

MIFARE Ⓡ is a registered trademark of NXP, BV.

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