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  • XXL Card Printer

    Printer for large cards, ideal for events

    The XXL is designed for personalising pre-printed ID cards with a large format. Includes an option for an intelligent card encoder. Also includes the anti-copy patented Holokote hologram that does not (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • Evolis Tattoo 2

    The thermal transfer card printer

    The Tattoo printer is a mixture of technology and innovation. Hi-Tech Design, compact and easy to use, the Tattoo revolutionises the world of monochrome printing on plastic and paper (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • Enduro card printer

    The Enduro printer can be ordered single or double-sided. For added flexibility, a simple drop-in upgrade is available for customers whose needs change from single to double-sided cards. The Enduro offers (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • Evolis Quantum

    Industrial systems for ID cards personalisation, high volume production

    With a 500 card capacity for its card feeder, hopper and colour ribbon, the Quantum is the only industrial ID cards printer on the market to offer a total printing autonomy of 500 cards in full (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • Evolis Tattoo2 Rewrite

    Monochrome printer for ID cards

    Picture this: cards that can be printed, erased and printed again, hundreds of times. Some say that’s magic… Yet, the Tattoo rewrite, a compact and user-friendly solution, lets you print and erase the same (...) ( Continue Reading…)