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  • Magicard HoloKote

    Watermark system for securing cards

    All Magicard printers are equipped with the patented technology of Holokote┬« watermarks, which are printed on the card during normal printing, without additional costs or consumables. Magicard HoloKote (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • Transparent lamination ribbon

    25 microns thick lamination ribbon from Nisca

    Nisca transparent lamination ribbon: protect your ID cards with a 25 microns protection layer of hard plastic in patch. ( Continue Reading…)

  • Hologram Ribbon

    1 mil thick security hologram ribbon for secured ID documents

    Hologram lamination combines the advantages of transparent lamination in terms of ID card durability, plus an additional security level thanks to the presence of the holographic (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • Nisca PR5350

    Double sided ID card printer for personalised security documents, industrial volumes

    The Nisca PR5350 card printer offers a small footprint, 24-bit colour, 256-Grayscale, security lamination, encoding options and prints at the astounding speed of over 158 cards/hour and 16MB of (...) ( Continue Reading…)