ID card encoders

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  • Desktop MIFARE reader-writer

    LGM6xxx: 13.56MHz MIFARE Ⓡ contactless cards reader-writer

    A3M LGM6xxx desktop reader family is a contactless smart card read and write device that supports ISO15693, ISO14443A and ISO14443B. It is designed based on a powerful 8-bit Microprocessor to meet a simple (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • Uniform MSR 206

    Manual swipe reader/writer for HiCo and LoCo ID cards

    Uniform MSR206 is the ideal reader/writer for any kind of magnetic cards, both HiCo and LoCo. ( Continue Reading…)

  • Uniform MSR 106

    Manual swipe reader/writer for LoCo ID cards

    Uniform MSR 106 is an easy-to-use and very affordable unit for data reading and writing into magnetic low coercitivity cards. ( Continue Reading…)

  • Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

    13.56Mhz MIFARE Ⓡ contactless cards terminal with keypad and LCD screen

    A3M TLGM86xx intelligent time and attendance family is a contactless smart card read/write and read only device that supports ISO14443A MIFARE Ⓡ technology. ( Continue Reading…)