Proximity 125 Khz

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  • 125Khz access control door reader

    Door reader designed for access control system based on 125Khz EM cards

    A3M LP5500 reader series is designed for reading EM4100 codes or compatible read-only tags. It is an innovative design which is multi-interface in one board. It can be used in office/home security, (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • Proximity 125 Khz ID cards

    Read only RFID cards

    125kHz cards are contactless plastic cards with RFID technology and are generally called proximity cards. ( Continue Reading…)

  • EM 125kHz mini desktop reader

    Desktop reader with keyboard wedge connection to read card instantly

    LP200 desktop reader is a low cost solution for EM4100 and issuing and programming for compatible cards. It is a very easy to use device and provides RS232 and PS2 output data format for direct (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • EM 125kHz Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

    Access control and time and attendance terminal for use with EM125Khz cards

    A3M LGP8600 is a wall mount terminal designed for access control and time and attendance solutions. Its keyboard and LCD screen make it the ideal choice for high security access control, as well as for (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • 125KHz and MIFARE technologies dual frequency Reader

    Dual Proximity + MIFARE Ⓡ technologies reader for access control

    Ideal card reader for companies and administrations that need to use both a previous 125KHz technology with a more modern access control system or time and attendance system based on 13.56MHz MIFARE Ⓡ (...) ( Continue Reading…)

  • EM 125kHz access control door reader with keyboard

    Door reader with keyboard for access control solutions based on 125Khz EM cards

    This door reader is based on the same electronic design as our standard LP5000 access control door reader. It also incorporates a numeric keyboard which makes it the ideal product in all applications where (...) ( Continue Reading…)