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  • ID-Tech Spectrum 2 insert card readers

    Intelligent OEM Module for Magnetic Stripe and/or Smart Cards, RS-232, USB and PC/SC Interface.

    Spectrum is available with various configurations: Insert contact smart card reader. Insert magnetic stripe card reader. Insert smart + magnetic card reader. ( Continue Reading…)

  • Siemens SLE5542 smart cards

    Smart cards with memory or processor chips

    A smart card is a standard-sized plastic card that contains an integrated circuit or ’chip’ which gives the card the ability to store and/or process data. ( Continue Reading…)

  • Gemplus GemPC Twin desktop smart card reader

    Beautifully designed and engineered smart card desktop reader from Gemplus

    Combined USB and Serial smart card reader in a fully transparent crystal package will enhance the personalisation of your smart card and simplify the deployment of your smart card (...) ( Continue Reading…)