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Magnetic cards

Plastic cards with a magnetic stripe for writing data

Rewritable cards

Multi-use cards that can be printed and erased 500 times

Biodegradable Cards

Biodegradable cards help protect our environment

Keyholder cards

Keytag cards for customer loyalty programs

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Blank cards

Blank cards

Blank cards

Blank white PVC cards ready to print with any card printer

A3M cards are high quality laminated PVC cards. Both the quality of the materials used and the involvement in manufacturing a perfect product are noticeable. Our ID cards are ISO 7810 CR-80 compliant.

- The finishing of A3M cards is perfect with smooth edges that do not cut your finger... or your thermal print head.
- Our laminates are really receptive to thermal transfer, so they do not put unnecessary stress on dye sublimation printer’s print heads.
- Blank PVC cards are packed in boxes of 500 cards, each of them contain 5 boxes of 100 cards for perfect protection and easy handling.
- Very competitive price/quality ratio.

A3M always recommends the use good quality cards to print with plastic card printers. Bad cards may damage thermal print heads and rubber rollers of such printers.

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