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Blank cards

Blank white PVC cards ready to print with any card printer

Rewritable cards

Multi-use cards that can be printed and erased 500 times

Biodegradable Cards

Biodegradable cards help protect our environment

Keyholder cards

Keytag cards for customer loyalty programs

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Blank cards

Blank cards

Magnetic cards

Plastic cards with a magnetic stripe for writing data

Magnetic cards are standard blank cards in which a magnetic stripe is incorporated into during the manufacturing process. You can read and even rewrite these types of cards as many times as necessary.

Magnetic track standards:
- ISO 1 (top part of the magnetic stripe): 79 alphanumeric characters with 210bpi encoding density.
- ISO 2 (centre part of the stripe): 40 numeric characters with 75bpi encoding density.
- ISO 3 (bottom part of the stripe): 107 numeric stripes with 210bpi encoding density.

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Magnetic cards

General Information on Magnetic Cards

The magnetic stripes on plastic cards used are the property of magnetised in a sustainable manner under the action of a magnetic field.

- Characteristics of magnetic stripe cards: The physical characteristics define the position and shape of the magnetic stripe in which the tracks are located. It is therefore important to ensure that the magnetic cards used are in compliance with ISO standards.

- Coercivity measured in oersted is how tracks resist erasing it’s codification, ensuring reliability and durability of the cards.

- The resistance to abrasion of the surface of the magnetic stripe directly influences the longevity of the card: we only manufacture cards with magnetic stripes integrated under the lamination (FLUSH). Caution, lower quality magnetic cards can cause the magnetic stripe to detach itself from the card rendering the card useless and damaging the card reader.

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