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Blank cards

Blank white PVC cards ready to print with any card printer

Magnetic cards

Plastic cards with a magnetic stripe for writing data

Rewritable cards

Multi-use cards that can be printed and erased 500 times

Keyholder cards

Keytag cards for customer loyalty programs

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Blank cards

Blank cards

Biodegradable Cards

Biodegradable cards help protect our environment

Being conscious of our responsibility to protect the environment, at the same time as of the contamination caused by the traditional PVC card, we developed a material that is 100% biodegradable in a natural environment.

Biodegradable Cards

Manufactured in PVC with additional material that favours its degradability in a natural environment, the A3M BIO cards are especially recommended to those corporations that care about the value of long-term sustainable development, which is even more important when a large amount of cards are used regularly.

- The A3M BIO cards can be supplied blank or pre-printed. In this last case we inform you that the ink used is not 100% biodegradable, but they represent a very small percentage of the total material of the card (and of contamination).
- The process of biodegradation of the cards in a natural environment takes around 28 months. Obviously, we are talking about a degradation that only takes place in a natural environment (water, earth, etc.), and not in our wallets.
- The final appearance and quality is very similar to that of normal cards, with the same level of quality as in other A3M products.

Don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate using our contact form, and specifying the amount of cards and the colours you want printed on each side.

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