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Blank cards

Blank white PVC cards ready to print with any card printer

Magnetic cards

Plastic cards with a magnetic stripe for writing data

Biodegradable Cards

Biodegradable cards help protect our environment

Keyholder cards

Keytag cards for customer loyalty programs

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Blank cards

Blank cards

Rewritable cards

Multi-use cards that can be printed and erased 500 times

Type of card destined to be used in special printers for printing without a ribbon, such as Magicard Pronto or Evolis Tattoo Rewrite. The cards can be printed and erased up to 500 times depending on its use, offering you large savings and an ecological character to applications.

Rewritable ID card

- Reprintable or rewritable cards are standard format PVC cards with a surface made out of a substance that reacts to heat. Mitsubishi and Ricoh are the main manufacturers of this temperature sensitive overlay that can be coloured when applying a temperature of approximately 180ºC, and erased when applying a temperature between 110 and 150ºC. Cards can be reprinted up to 500 times, depending on the use. Rewritable visitor card

Benefits of using reprintable cards
- Save money: no ribbon costs (printing is done in direct thermal mode), cards can be reused many times.
- Help the environment: waste is reduced considerably because of the absence of print ribbons and the repeated use of the same card. The cards can be A3M biodegradable cards for those users that care deeply about the environment. Rewritable PVC card

Excellent marketing tool
- Use daily growth strategies: your latest promotions can be printed on your customer loyalty cards.
- Ideal for one-on-one marketing campaigns.
- Helps companies to obtain, maintain and develop their client base.
- Visible at first glance – Interact with clients, possibility to write loyalty points from each purchase in the store, for example.

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