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RFID cards with MIFARE 1K and 4K contactless technology

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High security contactless smart cards

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RFID cards with Icode 1K contactless technology

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RFID contactless cards

RFID contactless cards

Proximity 125 Khz ID cards

Read only RFID cards

125kHz cards are contactless plastic cards with RFID technology and are generally called proximity cards.

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Tarjeta de Proximidad 125Khz

The main advantage they offer is a wider communication distance than Mifare cards (around 10cm, and even more with special antennas).

- The 125kHz was the first contactless card technology with the reduced capacity of data flow, which is why it is mainly used for access control applications or time and attendance applications where data exchange is minimum. It simply reads the USN (serial number in the card chip) to recognise the user.
- The main manufacturer of 125kHz chips is Electronic Marin, distributed with the references: EM4100 and EM4102.

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