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Proximity 125 Khz ID cards

Read only RFID cards

MIFARE Ultralight card

RFID cards for temporary use

MIFARE cards

RFID cards with MIFARE 1K and 4K contactless technology

DESFire ID card

High security contactless smart cards

Icode SLI S contactless cards

RFID cards with Icode 1K contactless technology

HID iClass ID badge

13.56MHz Contactless Intelligent Card

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RFID contactless cards

RFID contactless cards

HID Crescendo Cards

Multi-technology intelligent card

Crescendo is a range of high security intelligent cards that are designed to comply with standards. They are ready-to-use in thousands of applications of logical access. With the same size as a credit card, Crescendo is a multi-technology intelligent card that allows for physical and logical access control, and can be used as an employee identification document.

HID Crescendo Cards

By incorporating the HID proximity technology (HID, Indala®, for example), iCLASS®, and other 13.56MHz technology, a single Crescendo card can be easily used for both logical and physical access control applications. Crescendo is a secure and convenient solution for physical and logical access control, and offers the lowest total owner cost of the industry.

- Simple updates –iCLASS readers have the same wiring connections, the same low-energy current and the same operation with 5 to 12 watts as our Prox readers.
- Convenient and worthwhile – Combines logical and physical access control in a single card to reduce card administration cards.
- Ready-to-use and complies with standards – Compatible with thousands of logical access applications supplied by Microsoft® and others.
- Preinitialised with the software located in the card – Includes all the necessary controllers and middleware.

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