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RFID contactless cards

RFID contactless cards

HID iClass ID badge

13.56MHz Contactless Intelligent Card

The 13.56MHz contactless intelligent card for iCLASS® for reading/writing can be used in diverse applications such as access control, biometric recognition systems, sales without cash, public transport, plane boarding pass issuing and loyalty programs. The use of multiple files, separated to guarantee security, allows it to be used with numerous applications and can be used as a basis for future growth.

HID iClass ID badge

- The 13.56MHz contactless intelligent card technology for writing/reading allows for reliable and high speed communication without risking the security of the data.
- The iCLASS technology guarantees a high level of security with mutual authorisation, encoded data and diverse 64 bit keys to allow reading/writing.
- Any existing HID format can be programmed in the factory or in the secure area of the land for the application of the HID access control.
- Available with the following configurations: 2k bit (256 Byte), 16k bit (2k Byte) or 32k bit (4k Byte).
- Complies with ISO standards regarding the width, meaning they can be used with direct image printers and thermal dye sublimation printers.
- Add magnetic stripe, barcode and anti-counterfeit elements or photographic identification.

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