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RFID contactless cards

RFID contactless cards

MIFARE Ultralight card

RFID cards for temporary use

NXP MIFARE Ultralight Ⓡ is the ideal component for system implementation of visitor control using contactless cards. Little by little, traditional ticketing systems are being replaced by systems that use disposable RFID cards that are not rechargeable.

- 100% compatible with existing MIFARE Ⓡ infrastructures
- Real anti-crash system
- Communication distance of up to 10 cm
- Data transfer speed: 106 kbits/s
- 7 byte unique serial number (ISO 14443A, cascade level 2)
- High level data integration – 16 bit CRC, parity per byte, bit coding, bit count check
- 512 bit EEPROM, organised in 16 pages of 4 bytes
- 32 bit of one-time programmable OTP
- 384 bit of reading/writing area for user data.

MIFARE Ultralight Ⓡ is a registered trademark of NXP.

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