Plastic card manufacturing

A3M manufactures all types of PVC cards: simple blank cards, magnetic cards, smart cards, contactless cards, preprinted cards, custom cards, etc., while paying special attention to the quality of the product, its packaging, and delivery times.

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Plastic card manufacturing

  • Blank cards
    Blank cards

    A3M manufactures PVC plastic cards of the highest quality standards. A3M’s standard 86*54mm laminated cards (ISO 7810 - CR80) fulfil quality criterias of the biggest card printers manufacturers worldwide. A3M is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of RFID (...)

  • Printed cards
    Printed cards

    High quality, affordable price. With 3000 Sq m, 100 staff members and more than 100 million cards produced last year, our printing facility can deal with almost any order, from blank cards to the most technological contactless cards and any kind of printing: (...)

  • Smart cards
    Smart cards

    Smart cards can be recognised by the golden area of the contact area. They have incorporated memory and some even have processors, allowing for secure identification of the user of the document.

  • RFID contactless cards
    RFID contactless cards

    RFID cards are smart cards in which the electronic transfer is done using radiofrequency communication instead of electric contact. They offer the same characteristics as smart cards, but with many additional (...)