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A3M develops specific software applications for identified vertical markets. The range offered by the company extends from simple standalone programs to networked client-server fully integrated applications.

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  • Card printing and encoding
    Card printing and encoding

    Cardream3 by A3M is the most simple and easy to use card printing software available on the market. It features the best value for money and fulfills all your needs for creating ID cards.

  • Time and Attendance
    Time and Attendance

    CardAccess3 is an easy-to-use time and attendance program that provides a solution for SMBs for their schedule control. Its small price and ease of use allow for a quick installation in enterprises without creating high installation or training (...)

  • Customer loyalty
    Customer loyalty

    The Cardfideli3 program range covers all customer loyalty needs in stores, restaurants, clubs, gymnasiums, hotels, etc.

  • MIFARE Programmer
    MIFARE Programmer

    Read and encode your MIFARE Ⓡ ID cards in one go with A3M’s MIFARE Ⓡ programmer kit. CardProg3 brings quickness and convenience for the issuance of RFID MIFARE Ⓡ cards in the access control system of any company.

  • La Suite RFID
    La Suite RFID

    La Suite RFID is a series of software tools with the main function of making it easier for users and integrators to use contactless cards with any application.

  • PC Logon with RFID badges
    PC Logon with RFID badges

    Our "on the Desktop™" solution delivers user-friendly convenience and improved risk management and physical/data security for small and large-sized corporations. Now you can log on to your computer with the same badge used for opening (...)