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Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty


Customer loyalty management software

Cardfideli3 is an efficient customer loyalty management solution that offers convenience, ease of use and quickness in your point of sale.

Its concept is based on the following:
- Each customer receives a personalised loyalty card, printed with your corporate image, and used to store the data needed (barcode card, magnetic card, contactless MIFARE Ⓡ card).
- Every time the customer buys in your shop, he will get additional loyalty points. When the total number of points reaches the decided amount, the customer receives the corresponding gift, bonus or discount. Apart from being stored in the card support, the number of points and the promotional message can be erased and printed again with an Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer. This opens the way to the latest visual loyalty management methods.

For more information about the possibilities of A3M’s customer loyalty solutions, please contact our sales team.

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