MIFARE Programmer

Read and encode your MIFARE Ⓡ ID cards in one go with A3M’s MIFARE Ⓡ programmer kit. CardProg3 brings quickness and convenience for the issuance of RFID MIFARE Ⓡ cards in the access control system of any company.

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MIFARE Programmer

  • CardProg3

    Read and write MIFARE Ⓡ 1K contactless ID cards

    CardProg3 is a reading and writing program for contactless MIFARE Ⓡ 1K ISO 14443A cards. Very easy to use and low cost. ( Continue Reading…)

  • Programming kit for MIFARE cards

    Programming kit for MIFARE Ⓡ

    With our programming kit for MIFARE Ⓡ you will be able to write and read every MIFARE Ⓡ card sector. Includes the program CardProg3 and the MIFARE Ⓡ technology reader LGM4200 with an interactive (...) ( Continue Reading…)