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Read and write Mifare 1K contactless ID cards

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Mifare Programmer

Mifare Programmer

Mifare programming kit

Mifare programming kit

With our Mifare programming kit you will be able to write and read every Mifare card sector. Includes the program CardProg3 and the Mifare reader LGM4200 with an interactive screen.

Card programming software {JPEG} With its attractive price, our Mifare card programming kit is an ideal tool for:
- Reading the USN serial number of Mifare cards.
- Reading card sectors and blocks.
- Encoding data into Mifare chip.
- Adding Mifare employee cards, loyalty cards, student ID cards, access control cards, etc.

The reader includes a USB connection, allowing it to run immediately. Runs with the following platforms: Windows XP, Vista y 7 (32 y 64 bits).

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