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CardAccess3 Time and attendance kit

Kit made up of a program and a time and attendance terminal

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Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance


Easy and inexpensive time and attendance program

CardAccess3 by A3M is a program for managing time and attendance terminals from the same brand. Easy and efficient; with CardAccess3 you can import or create databases, give privileges and obtain records.

Time Attendance software CardAccess3 Main program functions:
- Import employee database. Compatible with Excel, Access and SQL.
- If there is no existing database, CardAccess3 will help you automatically create one when you add new users.
- Define access privileges, time slots, and profiles.
- TCP/IP connection (Ethernet protocol) to terminal records: allows you to transfer user and authorisation lists.
- Download records saved on the terminal memory.
- Export data to your main system for posterior analysis and work time calculating, attendance time calculating, overtime calculating, etc.
- Compatible with time and attendance terminals based on MIFARE LGM9600T-T-0C, LGM9600-T/2-2B, and on 125 MHz proximity cards LP500T-T-0C and LP500-T/2-2B.

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