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Benefits of key cabinets

A key management solution covers all your needs

Key cabinets range

Intelligent electronic keys cabinets for efficient and secure management of keys

Manage a large number of keys

Rationalise the management of keys with the corresponding users

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Security key cabinets

Security key cabinets

Control in sensitive areas

Key management allows you to control the sensitive areas of your organisation

Controlling keys means controlling the access and use of your most important resources. To guarantee maximum security in your accesses, our key management solution offers a diversity of valuable options.

Keys control with keys cabinet

- Limit the use of keys according to the area: a user can only use the keys of the authorised areas.
- We guarantee perfect tracing of all key movements.
- Create alarms that can be sent by email or text message, offering you real time control.
- Offers each user information regarding his permissions using the touch screen. This way you can avoid having to tag each key.
- Adapt the access system of the key cabinet to the security level you wish to have (code, card, biometry, etc.).
- Use the Alkey system along with a video surveillance security system.

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