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Benefits of key cabinets

A key management solution covers all your needs

Key cabinets range

Intelligent electronic keys cabinets for efficient and secure management of keys

Control in sensitive areas

Key management allows you to control the sensitive areas of your organisation

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Security key cabinets

Security key cabinets

Manage a large number of keys

Rationalise the management of keys with the corresponding users

The number of keys, keyrings and passes used in a service sector or industrial sector building is increasing more and more. The price of replacing lost keys is unknown most of the time. The security risk is high if you have a large number of keys that are out of control.

The key security solution brought to you by Alkey allows you to control all the keys of your establishment

192 keys cabinet

- Trace all the movements of your keys perfectly. This way, at any given moment you’ll be able to know: Where each key is. Which keys are in use at that precise moment, and who is using them. At what time the key was taken. How long each user had them, and if they returned the keys on time.
- Improve the control of the use of your keys with subcontracts (surveillance, security, cleaning, technical service etc.).
- Make users responsible for keys.
- Avoid keys from being taken off the premises, and this way reducing the risk of loss of counterfeiting.
- Limit the number of passes being used at a time.
- Organise the access rights to the key cabinets for more security.
- Immediately detect any anomaly with alerts sent by email or text message.

Accessing the keys is easier for users

- Keys can be made available 24 hours a day, any day; weekends and holidays included.
- Returning the keys and placing them where they belong is done without the intervention of a third person.
- For large volumes of keys, Alkey cabinets can:
Adapt to any needs by multiplying the number of key cabinets.
Manage, locally or from a central, several key cabinets installed in faraway places.
Control all the key cabinets in real time through the Ethernet network.

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